Friday, May 21, 2010

My Own Makeup Ideas & Looks I Was Inspired To Do.

-Ocean Blue Look using Illamasqua liner cake and 180 Palette.

 -My version of  'Mac for Alexander McQueen Fashion Show Makeup'.

- Look using my new Twilight Volturi eyeshadow in Beloved.

 Look created using  Coastal Scents mica/pigments & collection 2000 Glitter Liner


My version of The Queen Of Hearts from Alice In Wonderland


  1. wow all those looks are amazing!!!! I love them all :D You are very talented.
    Your pictures are so clear too, what camera do you use?

  2. Hey chloe!
    I use a Sony Cybershot camera, i need to get a new one because i still find the quality isn't that great!! Thanks for the comment, i'll try and upload as many of my photo's as i go along!! ('',)

  3. Hi amy I hope you don't mind me commenting. These photos and make up are fabulous I really love them. You can come and do my make up anytime.

  4. Hey kerrie, thanks for the comment, glad you like my work, there will be more to come!!! I'd do your makeup no problem if you can afford plane tickets lol!! xxx

  5. you'so pretty and talented, I love all the looks you've created! :)

  6. omg that's pure eyecandy !!!!!!!!!!!! you're so creative and talented !!!!!!!!
    *we want more* !!!!!!!!!!

    xx !!!