Friday, May 28, 2010

ASOS Mini Haul

Well i've been waiting for the postman for a few days now, and i noticed he's been a bit absent.....where is my ASOS stuff i ordered!!! Well it came this morning and i'm delighted!!!
I only ordered about 20 GBP worth of  makeup because i had an ASOS code from a diet coke wrapper to use!!!
I bought 3 items - Twilight  Volturi Eyeshadow in Beloved, Illamasqua Eyeliner Cake in Zeal & Jemma Kidd Lipgloss Trio.
So here they are, yummy goodies to try out!!! The packaging on all three are gorgeous, especially the twilight eyeshadow!!
All the makeup was on sale, i rarely buy makeup unless it's on sale as i think cosmetics are highly over priced these days!!
Prices: Jemma Kidd Lipgloss Trio - 9.00 GBP/€10.50, Illamasqua Eyeliner Cake -7.50 GBP/€8.80, Twilight Eyeshadow - 4.50 GBP/€5.30

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Review Requests, Makeup Look Requests & General Makeuppy Stuff!!

Hey Guys & Dolls,
I'd love people to start interacting with me, and letting me know what they want to see!!! That way i can makeup this blog more enjoyable!! 
If anyone has any makeup ideas, things to share, discount codes, something they want to be reviewed or a certain look that they want to be recreated, i'd be more than willing to give it a go!!!
So comment me if you have something you want reviewed or a look that you want created or recreated!!
Thanks All!!! 
xxx ('',)

Urban Decay Preen Palette Review

I bought the Urban Decay Preen Pallete from a few months ago, it was on sale and i think i got it for around 12€ which i think is a steal for urban decay products, let alone a whole palette!!
The palette includes 6 Eyeshadows, a 24/7 liner in Zero and a travel size original Primer Potion.
The Eyeshadows all have catchy names and are as follows : Snatch, Mildew, Hash, Painkiller, Smog & Toasted.

So far from using the palette, i actually havn't got one single bad word to say about it!! The consistency of the shadows were amazing, silky, extremely pigmented and gorgeous vibrant colors. An added bonus is that they all go perfectly with eachother and you can create loads and loads of looks with the one palette!!!
The 24/7 is another fabulous product from Urban Decay, it glides onto skin effortlessly, is extremely black and really does have 24/7 staying power!!
Next comes old faithful...The Primer Potion!! I love this little thing with a passion, it's truly a lifesaver for any girl who only wants to apply make-up once in a day, and not have to keep retouching. This little gem will keep your eyeshadow and liner in place ALLLLL day!!!
My verdict of the Preen Palette.....10/10!!!!
Retails at $30.00 on the official urban decay site, which is nearly about €25.00

Monday, May 24, 2010

Illamasqua & Kryolan Haul

I've recently bought some Illamasqua and Kryolan Goodies for my kit and i thought i'd share my honest opinion and some photos of the products i bought!


Illamasqua Eyeshadows: 
PREEN :Rich royal purple, 
Matt finish,
YES!: Bright Canary Yellow Matt Finish, 
SAVAGE: Deep Berry Pink Matt Finish,
SEX: Pure White Matt Finish.

Illamasqua Eye Liner Cake
DANGER: Navy Blue

I find the color pay off on the Illamasqua eyeshadows at the lower end of the spectrum, although i do find they work fine with a good base such as a Benefit creaseless liner/shadow or the famous Urban Decay Primer Potion!
They go on quite sheer but they can be built up into quite an opaque finish.
I love the color range, they really do represent my alter ego as the Illamasqua phrase suggests.
I am happy with the colors and the finishes but if you are buying off of the Illamasqua website choose carefully and try and see swatches before you buy because i found the colors on their website to be quite far from the actual color of the eyeshadows that i have bought.
The packaging is dark and mysterious, alluring and i'm totally in love with it!! 
All in all, i am quite happy with the shadows and i'd like to buy some more in the future.
The Illamasqua Eyeliner cake on the otherhand, was extremely extremely pigmented and comes in 4 gorgeous dark shades 'to bring out your alter ego' i bought the color DANGER which is a matt navy blue.
It looks absolutely fab with blue eyes and works extremely well and doesnt budge all day!! 10/10 for this liner cake. 
You can buy the sealing gel to go with it as well, but i didnt buy it and i find it perfect to use on its own!!
Retails at about 15.00 Pounds which is about  17.50 € They can also be bought at

Onto the Kryolan items......

I purchased 2 items from the Kryolan/dermacolor range off of a great UK based website called
I bought a Dermacolor Light Mini Palette which is a foundation cream palette, it is actually the happy medium between conventional foundations and camouflage cosmetics.
It has 16 colors which is great for matching up on clients. I actually use this palette as concealer as it would be way way too heavy to use as a foundation. 
I also bought the Kryolan Transparent setting powder for setting foundation after application, i'm quite happy with it but you have to be quite careful not to over apply as it can end up looking too white and powdery looking, but with a gentle hand i think its an amazing product for the price.
I paid 20.54 Sterling for the palette and 5.87 sterling for the setting powder. Bargains!! ('',)

Friday, May 21, 2010

My Own Makeup Ideas & Looks I Was Inspired To Do.

-Ocean Blue Look using Illamasqua liner cake and 180 Palette.

 -My version of  'Mac for Alexander McQueen Fashion Show Makeup'.

- Look using my new Twilight Volturi eyeshadow in Beloved.

 Look created using  Coastal Scents mica/pigments & collection 2000 Glitter Liner


My version of The Queen Of Hearts from Alice In Wonderland