Thursday, May 27, 2010

Urban Decay Preen Palette Review

I bought the Urban Decay Preen Pallete from a few months ago, it was on sale and i think i got it for around 12€ which i think is a steal for urban decay products, let alone a whole palette!!
The palette includes 6 Eyeshadows, a 24/7 liner in Zero and a travel size original Primer Potion.
The Eyeshadows all have catchy names and are as follows : Snatch, Mildew, Hash, Painkiller, Smog & Toasted.

So far from using the palette, i actually havn't got one single bad word to say about it!! The consistency of the shadows were amazing, silky, extremely pigmented and gorgeous vibrant colors. An added bonus is that they all go perfectly with eachother and you can create loads and loads of looks with the one palette!!!
The 24/7 is another fabulous product from Urban Decay, it glides onto skin effortlessly, is extremely black and really does have 24/7 staying power!!
Next comes old faithful...The Primer Potion!! I love this little thing with a passion, it's truly a lifesaver for any girl who only wants to apply make-up once in a day, and not have to keep retouching. This little gem will keep your eyeshadow and liner in place ALLLLL day!!!
My verdict of the Preen Palette.....10/10!!!!
Retails at $30.00 on the official urban decay site, which is nearly about €25.00

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